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HAZPOD is a light, portable air filtration and dust extraction unit.

It can be operated by one person, yet it will reduce the risks of airborne contaminants for everybody working on site.

We designed HAZPOD because we needed it; to protect ourselves and others in construction and restoration.

HAZPOD Services

To maximise your protection, we provide a range of services.


Before despatch, your equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and where practicable, decontaminated using a broad-spectrum electrostatic disinfectant spray that destroys the COVID-19 pathogen and bonds strongly to the surfaces it is applied to, providing protection against viruses for up to 30 days.

Asbestos Sampling

Although we do not provide our products as standard for asbestos removal activities, we conduct swab tests on returned HAZPODs to determine if asbestos fibres are present in the residual dust. If we find any – we use proper control measures to keep you safe.

Portable Appliance Testing

We formally inspect and test all of our equipment before each hire. During extended hire periods, you can arrange with us to have on-site decontamination, deep-cleaning and portable appliance testing (PAT).

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Our Mission

Our aim is simple, to provide you with effective solutions that meet your requirements for ensuring employee safety, whilst maintaining the productivity of your team and protecting the working environment from the damaging effects of construction dusts.

The Vectorplex team come from construction and healthcare backgrounds, so we understand what is really essential to keep people protected.

We are committed to helping site workers stay safe, so you know that when we provide a piece of equipment, it has been specifically designed for your needs, thoroughly tested, decontaminated and you can trust it.

HAZPOD was been borne out of the absolute necessity for a robust, reliable and efficient dust extraction and filtration unit – that can be easily transported around the workplace by a single operator – whilst still effectively reducing the risk of silica dust exposure to all of those working on site

Vectorplex Ltd

We can also supply a series of easy-to-erect enclosures to use alongside HAZPOD.

These enclosures have been specifically designed to provide a safe, negative pressure working area.